Career Profile: Jatara Wise, PhD, Environmental Scientist

Jay Wise Shell OilOur STEM career profile this month by iUrban Teen Sonja J is with Environmental Research Scientist, Dr. Jatara Wise with Shell Oil Company.  Dr. Wise works in Shell Oil’s Projects and Technology group in Houston, Texas managing important research projects and traveling the world to collaborate with colleagues. @JataraWise


SJ: Dr. Wise, thank you for being an interviewee for our iUrban Teen Newsletter. I have a few questions to ask of you and your role at Shell. First off, tell us briefly about what you currently do

JW: I do quantitative research on environmental topics of special interest to the oil and gas industry. My work is extremely diverse and ranges from fundamental scientific research to project management to customer relations.

SJ: What motivated you to go into this field?

JW: I’ve always been fascinated with the environment and the processes that make it work. However, the direct answer would be that I was awarded a fellowship to study environmental technology.

SJ: What advice do you have for young people and careers?

JW: Decide on what career path you want to take early in high school, don’t wait until your freshman year in college. Once you’ve made up your mind, do everything possible to best prepare yourself to be successful once you start formal training in that area. Also, focus on the fundamentals. A firm understanding of the basics will always guide you down the correct path to solve complex problems.

SJ: Final question, what is something that most people don’t know about you?

JW: I have a deep appreciation for heritage and culture. If you don’t know and appreciate where you’ve come from its impossible to see where you’re going.

Dr. Wise thank you for sharing your inspiring information with us at iUrban Teen.


About Sonja. Sonja has been involved with iUrban Teen since 2012 as a participant of the iSpeak Jr. Toastmasters program and now serves as the iUrban Teen newsletter editor.