STEM Professional Profile of The Month – John C. Malonson III

John Malonson

Name: John C. Malonson III

Experience: IT Program Engagement Lead | Electronic Warfare Systems Business Partner Lead | Strategy & Business Development | Contracts, Exports & Imports

Company: Raytheon


Q:  What precisely do you do? What are the duties/functions/responsibilities of your job?

As an IT Program Engagement Lead, I am responsible for coordinating all IT work in support of our Electronic Warfare Systems program.  This involves hardware/software architecture, systems integration, and program/project management.  Establishing clear lines of communication and removing obstacles for my teams are the most interesting parts of the work that I do in this role. As an IT Business Partner Lead, I’m responsible for aligning the best technology possible to allow our Strategy & Business Development and Contracts teams to achieve business goals.  In this role, I listen to and observe the pain points of my business partners and provide solutions to make their business-lives easier and more productive.

Q: In what way did this type of work interest you and how did you get started?

My career path was: Software Application Developer to Project Manager to Business Partner Lead / Program Engagement Lead.  My current role is of interest to me since it allows me to see the bigger picture and to work directly with the teams that create some of our key Raytheon solutions.

Q: How important are grades/GPA for obtaining a job in this field?

I believe we require a 3.2 GPA or better.  A good GPA is great to have but more importantly you must demonstrate that you’re able to handle the workload and responsibility before coming in the door.

Q:  What do you enjoy most about your work?

Working with teams of great people that share a common purpose and do their best every day. I also see my workplace as a platform to continually learn new and exciting things.  It’s similar to a college university, except they pay “me”.

Q: Do you have any advice for anyone that would like to pursue the same career field as you?

Start by finding people in the fields that interest you.  Go out to coffee or lunch with them and get all of your questions answered.  You might just find someone who will connect you to a future opportunity.

Q: Can you tell us one interesting fact that most people don’t know about you?

I’m a lifelong learner.  I probably spend more time in an online classroom (edX, Coursera, Udacity, etc.) than I do watching TV.  I just love learning new things and am fortunate to live in an era where such learning opportunities are convenient and endless!  I also enjoy teaching Computer Science and programming principles to students from middle-school to high-school.  You can find me on most Saturdays in front of a classroom.