Honored Volunteer – Cheryl Norris

iUrban Teen Volunteer – Cheryl Norris

UT – When did you get involved with iUrban Teen?

Cheryl: My first involvement was at the iUrban Teen Tech Summit at University of Portland on March 13, 2015.

UT – What was it that sparked your interest to volunteer?

Cheryl – In February I met Deena Pieortt (Founder and Executive Director – iUrban Teen Tech) for the first time to discuss her availability and interest in doing a presentation at Portland General Electric (PGE) for the African-American Business Resource Group.  We were introduced by Kurt Jun, the PGE specialist for Diversity and Inclusion.  Part of her introduction was describing the work with iUrban Teen and the more I heard about the organization the more interested I became.

UT – How has volunteering with iUrban Teen impacted your life?

Cheryl- The impact has been twofold.  The first is finding out about this organization and its efforts to reach our youth and positively impact their lives.  The second is the ability to serve and give back to others.