Workday’s Talented Tenth Partnership with iUrban Teen


Talented Tenth Group

iUrban Teen is truly honored for the acknowledgment of The Talented TENTH, a Workday affinity group, at their launch event on Friday, August 28th at their Workday San Francisco offices. The room was filled with local executives learning about the group and to also learn about iUrban Teen and how the Talented TENTH will assist in coordinating a STEM Summit..

We, the members of the Talented TENTH, are extremely excited about the new partnership with iUrban Teen. Many of us were not afforded the opportunity to learn about STEM at a young age, so we are now focusing our time to work with our young and prepare them for the future. These amazing young people are so excited to learn and we are here to educate and inspire. ~ Ashlee Shuler, Talented TENTH Chair

We’re excited and looking forward to a long partnership with the Talented TENTH professionals.