Gifted Artist – Jawan Blevins

Creative Arts

Creative Arts

Name:  Jawan Blevins
Age :    14
Hometown:  Clackamas, OR
We love highlighting our youth and what an honor to share his work with the world. Jawan Blevins loves to draw and has been practicing his craft since age 5. For his personal art he draws with his finger on an iPhone5 using the application Autodesk Sketchbook. And when his older brother let him use his tablet he’ll use Photoshop.
iUrban:  Share with us how you got started with this.
Jawan:  I have always drawn even when I was little.  My brother drew and I started doing it more and more just to pass time.  Now I draw because I enjoy it.
iUrban:  Where do you want your talent to take you?
Jawan: I’m not sure I want drawing to be a career yet, but I did get hired to color a graphic novel series so I’m excited about that.  Me and my friend have talked about doing our own comic book series so I know that’s something I want to do. I also like making costumes and want to make short films based on the characters we create,.  There’s already a lot of characters out there I like, so maybe fan films too.  It is hard to say because I’m still young and I don’t know whats really out there to do yet.
Well hopefully if Jawan stays with us at iUrban Teen we can help him find what’s out there for him, the iUrban Teen Intel Day might be a great start..  Check out his amazing work below..
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