STEM Career Profile: James Pritchett, CEO at The More Corporation

January  STEM Career Profile


James Pritchett, CEO
The More Corporation



James is CEO at The More Corporation. James is an award winning designer whose background includes acclaimed work on campaigns for startups to leading F500 brands.We appreciate James for taking time out of his busy day to share his journey with our writers at iUrban Teen.


What is your current role?

I am the Founder and CEO of The More Corporation and


What’s your background and how did it lead you to what you’re currently doing?

Pretty diverse background. My dad owned a small chain of retail stores growing up, so I’ve always wanted to run a business ever since. I began programming at 13 in Basic when personal computers first hit the market. I also started illustrating when I was even younger. I worked hard on both skills throughout high school as I even created a cartoon strip series for my high school newspaper and wrote programs at home. After writing my first business owner game simulation,  I was hooked. I went to college for Computer Information Systems and have worked for Fortune 500 companies in IT Management and as an Art/Creative/Marketing Director for multiple companies.


Where do you see Morebots going in 2016? What’s your goal..

I have ambitious goals for Morebots in 2016. I really want to give curious readers more using smart devices while maintaining the integrity and enjoyment of reading traditionally printed books! I’m fascinated by TechEd and if the Morebots can become the ‘Siri for Kids’, I’d be satisfied. We are working with two amazing corporations now creating impactful children’s books around healthier lifestyle choices and anti-bullying! So in early 2016, readers will find Morebots books in waiting areas and in the globally leading early development school’s classrooms. You’ll even start seeing the Morebots at restaurants! Once we launch our monthly readers book club this Spring/Summer, I hope to deliver exciting Morebots children’s adventures to doorsteps everywhere every month!


What advice would you give our teens about being an entrepreneur? 

If you find something that you really like to do… then try to be the best at it! That’s the only way to stand out in a crowded room! And if you’re blessed enough to land a role doing what you like or love… make the most of it and never stop learning more…. because there’s always MORE.


Tell us something about yourself that we’re can’t find on a Google search?

I love coaching my son’s youth basketball team! I might considered coaching my twin daughters’ soccer team, if time permits.