STEM Career Profile – Nguyen Nix

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Nguyen Nix
VP Program Manager, Enterprise Execution Services
SunTrust Bank

“Be curious, feed your curiosity, and find a way to give it (whatever “it” is) a try no matter what obstacles get in your way”

By Thelema Davis, iUrban Teen Youth Editor


iUT – What is your current role at SunTrust Bank and what does it entail?

Nix – I drive implementation of technologies that serve our wholesale treasury clients of the bank. It primarily entails project management, knowledge of software implementation protocols, and migration strategies.

iUT– What’s your background and how did it lead to what you’re currently doing?

Nix – My professional background is in leading technology implementations serving business clients and consumer clients. I also have a foundation in business consulting strategies, with a focus on the technology & telecom industries. My educational background is in Aeronautical/Astronautical Engineering and Global Business Management.

iUT:  What advice would you give our teens about being a engineer, getting into your industry, or being an entrepreneur?

Nix: Be curious, feed your curiosity, and find a way to give it (whatever “it” is) a try no matter what obstacles get in your way. Let your curiosity guide your studies and work really hard to understand the foundations needed to perform job tasks associated with your curiosities. For example, I always loved math specifically calculus, and that was the foundation for me deciding to study Aeronautical Engineering. Also, a few of the most important things to understand early in your career or the start of your business is establishing relationships with mentors and equally building and understanding the power of your network (professional and personal) to support and advance your dreams.

iUT: What is the most fun thing about your job?

Nix: Collaborating with people from various teams across the bank. I love working with people from diverse organizations to collectively build products and develop technical solutions. There’s so much to learn from other professionals and it’s fun to interact with people from different backgrounds.

iUT: What’s something about you that isn’t well known?

Nix: I love to sketch in charcoal on newsprint. It’s important to have creative outlets and that’s one of mine that not many people know about.

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