Portland Grand Floral Parade and iUrban Teen

For more than 100 years, Portland families and visitors have celebrated at the Spirit Mountain Casino Grand Floral Parade. And on Saturday. June 11th, now an annual tradition for the parade, Mayor Hales and First Lady Nancy Hales marched with a delegation of mayors from around Oregon — a reminder that the Portland Rose Festival isn’t only for locals, it’s also a regional and international celebration, showcasing Oregon’s diverse communities and #spirit. #ThePortlandWay #TheOregonWay

Also joining the mayors were students from IUrban Teen — the The White House Champion of Change for Tech Inclusion Recipient.Deena Pierott and iUrban Teen have a team of local teens coding a cellphone app for youth to easily access information about the Mayor’s Community Center Initiative programs and public transit to take them there. Thanks to the iUrban Teen students and all the Oregon mayors who joined the parade this year!

View the entire parade at FOX 12 Oregon: https://www.kptv.com/story/29256746/grand-floral-parade-on-demand-stream