Learning about Water Treatment Centers – Seattle Student

Brightwater Treatment Plant Tour

My name is Alexis Tisby and I am a Senior at Harrison Prep. What I learned at the treatment center is that poop makes energy. They have a huge odor control system. I learned about bacteria being in the water and how they recycled the bacteria. We got to tour the Brightwater treatment plant.

Caitlyn was our tour guide. She answered all of my questions. She was very detailed about everything they do at the water plant. The plant was very clean. She talked about how they filtered waste. They have fountains and artwork. They spend a lot of money on art. I also learned how the water is recycled and how the treatment works. I also learned how the water and waste cycle as well.

I am so thankful for IUrban Teen and the volunteers that take the time to get out of their busy schedule to help put on wonderful events like this. I am thankful for the volunteers who came to this event Ken and James they were really awesome. Thank again for everything you do and exposing and educating the youth in S.T.E.M. IUrban Teen investing us will impact the next generation and the future. I tweeted pictures of today’s event.