STEM+Arts Career Profile – Denise Nelson

Denise Nelson
Cloud Service Provider Marketing  
Intel Corporation

1.     Tell us about your role at Intel and what does it entail?

Segment Marketing Leader in the Datacenter Group focused on strategic marketing for cloud service providers, which is a critical growth area for Intel.   I am the go to person on the team responsible for creating value propositions and messages to promote Intel’s innovation to our customers and partners through thought leadership campaigns, executive keynotes, field training and events.

2.     What’s your background and how did it lead you to what you’re currently doing?
My education is in the sciences – received a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and MBA from Pepperdine University.   I discovered early on in my career a passion for customer engagement, the creative process that comes with marketing and problem solving.  I credit my passion for science and mathematics with giving me critical thinking skills that allow me to cut through complexity to discover what really matters to customers, in fast paced and highly competitive markets.

3.     What advice would you give our teens about, getting into your industry ?
Strive for excellence in everything you do.  The details matter and this is the time for you to ask questions and look for opportunities that take you beyond your comfort zone.  Don’t do it alone – surround yourself with mentors and sponsors who will advocate on your behalf.  Relationships matter – nurture relationships that cultivate who you are and reflect your values.

4.     What is the most fun thing about your job?
I am charged up every time I get to unpack a new technology or market segment.  Diving in and then the moment you realize you’re building a keynote and an executive is using your words and ideas to convey how the company is differentiated in the market place.  The creative process and the broad collaboration across groups and then bringing it all together is a lot of fun.

5.     Did you have someone in your life growing up that provided you the support and inspiration to become a corporate leader?
My mother has always pushed me to do my best, and to never quit.  I have also met some phenomenal people along the way who believed in my talent.  I also appreciate the naysayers because they inspired me to work harder.

6.     Can you share something about yourself that isn’t well known?
I love the art of storytelling in movies, books and the theater.  My personal passion fuels my profession as well.

7.     Is there anything else you would like to add?
I consider myself a life-long learner and am passionate about sharing knowledge with young people.  I believe we exist to live life to its fullest and then pay it forward.