iWrite – Why not pursue a STEM career?

Hello Friends!!

My name is Imara Moore and I’m a student editor for iUrban Teen. Today, I’d like to share about why we need more young people to work and take interest in STEM Careers.

STEM stands for science, math, engineering, and technology. These are four very valuable principles in life that help operate everything.

Without people working in these jobs, nothing would get done. It’s how our society operates. This is why we need more young people to work in these careers and start taking interest.

STEM is sometimes seen as “boring” and a lot of people think these jobs are only for engineering or becoming a scientist but there’s so many more options out there. I found a few cool STEM careers that are pretty unknown and interesting.

The first one is Music Data Journalist and this job works with top music industry companies. In this job, you research trends and write about music events, celebrities, and more but really focusing on the data. The job is to make sure all the information on music websites are accurate. The career seems really interesting and you can work with a lot of big names in the music industry. To be in this career, you would need to have a skill in technical software and writing. Also, they have to be up to date on the news in the industry and be informed about graph design.

Another career is working for ESPN as a Statistician. If you’re into sports and live by every detail, then this job is for you! In this career, you research all the stats and study the numbers which is how announcers come up with stats. This job is crucial to sports because it helps piece everything together. Analytics determines everything. For this job, you’d have to be very informed in sports, math, analytics, and engineering.

The last career I have to share is a Legoland designer. This is such a cool career and pretty unknown. You could help build roller coasters, design models, and create the theme park. You would need to study design, animation, and know how to use computer software. You’d be able to create a design or ride from scratch and see the final product once people use it. It would be so cool seeing people enjoy your ride and using it!

These are just a few of many different STEM careers that aren’t as publicized. There’s so many opportunities out here and I hope you can look into this career because STEM needs you!

By Imara Moore

Imara is a seventeen year old student at Jefferson High School. She is one of the editors for the iUrban Teen Newsletter. She enjoy creating stories and writing and hence find iWrite Program and iUrban Teen Newsletter as a perfect platform to showcase her talent.