The Engineer Baker – Mushroom Galette

This delicious and easy Mushroom Galette is inspired by a recent agricultural tour with California Grown. We visited Far West Fungi and learned how mushrooms are grown: from preparing the wood base (where the mushrooms grow) to harvest. This galette is filled with meaty shiitake mushrooms, sweet shallots, and fresh herbs and topped with nutty Gruyere cheese. Get the recipe at Bakes by Brown Sugar –

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Meet the Baker – Cheryl Norris


I’m Cheryl, an engineer by day and a baker by night. My goal is to be your go-to resource for creating the best versions of your favorite desserts. As a baking science geek, I am passionate about understanding what makes a recipe work and sharing that info with you. Subscribe to receive more recipes at A Baking Blog for the Baking Enthusiast – Bakes by Brown Sugar