I’m no neuroscientist, and yet, here I am at my computer attempting to reconstruct a neural circuit of a mouse’s retina. It’s not quite as difficult and definitely not as boring as it sounds. In fact, it’s actually pretty fun, which is a good thing considering I’m playing a videogame. Called EyeWire, the […]

A Videogame That Recruits Players to Map the Brain

Technology in life takes hold Does Moore’s Law apply to advances in the biological sciences? Will advances like artificial hips, cardiac pacemakers and spinal stimulators for pain be only the beginning of the realization of how humanity will be “re-engineered”” to take fuller and richer advantage of what science offers us? Ray Kurzweil […]

Digital Health and the Frankenstein Syndrome

By Kendall Josey Graduation is right around the corner and it seems surreal. The excitement is building within me as I look toward new experiences. Although I’m excited to begin the next leg of my education marathon, I will miss and fondly reflect upon the experiences I was able to […]

Reflecting on My Growth and the Future

Scholarship Notification Shawn Carter Scholarship Foundation APPLICATION DEADLINE is May 31, 2013 Eligibility Requirements Qualified  applicants must be a high school senior, college student, and/or  between the ages of 18-25, pursuing studies at a vocational or trade  school. All applicants must be a US Citizen and complete the on-line application no […]

Shawn Carter Scholarship – Deadline May 31