The iMap program from iUrban Teen offers students of color the opportunity to learn about Geographic Information Systems (GIS) mapping, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Analysis, and Data Visualization. The power of GIS mapping will allow students to β€œvisualize, question, analyze, and interpret data to more deeply understand relationships, patterns, and trends” in various STEM subfields such as health, energy, transportation, and agriculture. Along with the value in collecting, organizing, analyzing, and displaying forms of geographically referenced information, iMap allows for communication and collaboration among professionals in different fields as well as communication between those professionals and the general public.

Our Vision and Philosophy

Our vision is to build an educational community rooted in trust, empowerment, inclusivity, and community, and to see all BIPOC students succeed not only in our programs but also in their long-term careers. iUrban Teen delivers highly sought-after skills and experience in science and technology industries and paves a path that leads students toward economic sustainability. The skills and knowledge acquired in iMap programs provide students with a valuable academic opportunity while helping America build a pipeline of diverse new talent for careers in business, government, healthcare, technology, transportation, conservation, and clean energy.


  • Middle and High School students
  • Gap year students
  • Technical, Community College and 4-year College students


  • 6-8 Week virtual, blended or in-person programs