iUrban Teen Volunteer Spotlight – Kronda Adair



Volunteer Spotlight:
Kronda Adair of Karvel Digital


We’re so very fortunate to have such great volunteers at iUrban Teen and now I’d like to highlight some of them starting with Kronda Adair whom I’ve actually known for quite some time..Besides spending her time with us, Kronda is also a talented business owner here in the Portland area.  Here’s a short interview with Kronda.

Deena: Greetings Kronda and thank you for being our first interviewee. Tell our readers about you, what do you do and why do you do it?

Kronda:  I help small businesses and solopreneurs navigate the process of creating websites that are effective, beautiful and easy to use.

Deena: In your opinion, what are the three top No No’s for a website?

Kronda: 1) Don’t use GoDaddy, 2) Don’t hide your contact information, and 3) Don’t start designing until you have content!

Deena: Since we’re youth focused, how would youth get info your field?
Kronda:  There are lots of ways to get into web development. I chose to get a bachelor’s degree, but it’s also a field where you can succeed as a self-taught developer. There are so many more resources available online to learn to code than even a few years ago.TreehouseNettutsCode Academy to name a few. There are also accelerated code schools lasting anywhere from 3 – 6 months, some of which also include internships. Epicodus is a code school which makes their entire curriculum available for free online.
Deena:  Besides designing really cool sites, what else would I brag about when describing Kronda?

Kronda: I don’t actually design websites but I do code beautiful custom sites that others design.  When I’m not building websites, I love to write. I recently wrote an article for new online publication Model View Culture to help people coming into tech from diverse backgrounds. I’ll be speaking at the Open Source Bridge conference & Wordcamp Seattle in June.  I like connecting people who can help each other, so if someone needs something I don’t do, I probably know who does!  I’m also really good at riding a bike no-handed. (Kids, don’t try that at home).

Kronda thank you for  all you do and I’ll see you at the next iUrban Teen event!
Social Media for Kronda:
Twitter: @Kronda