Black and Indigenous people are underrepresented in today’s engineering world. This disparity shows the importance of the iEngineer program, which aims to increase access and visibility to engineering careers for historically excluded youth. The iEngineer program connects high school students with representatives from multiple local companies that employ engineers, which allows the students to gain a better understanding of the broad range of careers that can be pursued via an engineering degree. Students will have the opportunity to take part in a 2.5-day engineering camp, a 4-month capstone project, internships, and scholarships, all of which will be sponsored by the participating companies. 

Learning Objectives 

Students will… 

  • Learn the differences among the major engineering fields (Civil, Chemical, Mechanical, Electrical, etc.) 
  • Discover the wide array of careers that are possible within each engineering field 
  • Explore the facilities of participating companies that employ engineers 
  • Get hands-on engineering experience via a four-month engineering-focused capstone project with participating companies 
  • Explore engineering school facilities, meet professors, and get a sense of what it means to be an engineering student via a one-week stay at a local college 
  • Participate in engineering-focused internships 

 Our Vision and Philosophy 

Our vision is to build an educational community rooted in trust, empowerment, inclusivity, and community, and to see all BIPOC students succeed not only in our programs but also in their long-term careers. iUrban Teen delivers highly sought-after skills and experience in science and technology industries and paves a path that leads students toward economic sustainability. The skills and knowledge acquired in the iEngineer program provide students with a valuable academic opportunity while helping America build a pipeline of diverse new talent for careers in business, government, healthcare, technology, transportation, conservation, and clean energy. 

What is the iEngineer Capstone Project?

The iEngineer Capstone Project is an opportunity for Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA high school juniors and seniors to work on a real engineering project! This project is intended to give students, who have curiosity about pursuing an engineering degree, a chance to see what the work of an engineer is like. This is a great project to put on your resume and will give students the advantage of real engineering experience going into college!

Watch this space for upcoming iEngineer events and activities in 2024.