Three Pillars & Programs

Our Three Pillars

Our three pillars for iUrban Teen is our whole existence. Our belief is that for youth to succeed, you first need to engage them; engagement opens doors to learning.

We start the engagement, or what we call iEngage, with all-day tech immersion events where teens discover what’s new in the amazing world of technology, gain leadership skills, and exposure to exciting companies. The program ignites teens’ interest in STEM+Arts and builds a sense of possibilities and options in bright students who may not otherwise be aware of these career options.

The next step is our iLearn modules which include our training programs and camps. These are learning excursions that will continue their learning process for STEM+Arts opportunities and deepen their leadership skills.

Our last step on their journey is iSucceed. The skills and knowledge they will learn in this process with mentoring and internship opportunities will not only allow them to better understand the STEM+Arts rich environment—but will also give them the ability to help shape their world in a creative way.