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STEM-Arts Program for Teens Returns to Dallas IUrban Teen Returns with a Data Science Course on Climate Change in partnership with Virgin Galactic, Microsoft, and Autodesk

DALLAS, TX – Nationally recognized STEM-Arts program iUrban Teen will return to Dallas in September 2022 after a long-awaited return. The organization is returning with a cutting-edge program focusing on Climate Change and Satellite Data. Teens will start the program on September 12 and present case studies on October 1.
Gaining STEM exposure, experience, and skills.
This iMap Climate Change program was created in partnership with Microsoft, Virgin Galactic and funded by Autodesk. iMap is designed to bridge STEM-Arts and real-world application by focusing on climate change and social justice. The goal is to show the young participants how they can use the power of technology to affect both local and global change.

Students can expect to experience the following:
• Apply the scientific method using data sets related to climate change.
• Learn and use digital data analysis tools.
• Learn root cause analysis.
• Learn the basics of data science, GIS, and machine learning.
• Discover and explore careers in STEM and environmental sciences.
• Deepen their understanding of climate change by engaging with a small community of people
who have been affected by it.
• Interact with an expert panel of STEM professionals.
• Collaborate in groups to apply research and data analysis, formulate conclusions, and
communicate a scientific research project.

Why is this exposure important?
An analysis released of federal education and employment data from recent years highlights how
wide the racial, ethnic and gender gaps in STEM representation are. “This has been an ongoing
conversation in the science community” for decades, says Cary Funk, the director of science and
society research at the Pew Research Center in Washington, D.C. iUrban Teen founder and CEO
Deena Pierott states “This is why programs like iUrban Teen are important and why we invest in our
communities and families. It’s time to level-set the economic playing field by creating equitable career

iUrban Teen is looking forward to rolling out their full portfolio of learning opportunities and career
pathway program that include advanced manufacturing and supply chain, cybersecurity, coding,
engineering, technical writing, environmental, healthcare, GIS Mapping, data science and skilled

The organization is looking for Executive Council members and volunteers in the DFW area. If
interested, contact iUrban Teen via their website at
About IUrban Teen

Founded in 2011, iUrban Teen’s mission is to expose and inspire historically and systematically
excluded youth to become tomorrow’s business, technology, and community leaders. Youth receive
hands-on exposure to a variety of STEM focused careers and civic engagement that take them
outside their current boundaries. The target demographics are Black, Latino, and Indigenous youth
however, the program is inclusive of all youth especially on free or reduced lunch. iUrban Teen has
received honors from the White House, Government Technology, and Inc 5000 list of the top
programs to diversify tech. Current programs are in Washington, Oregon, California, and Texas.
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