About Us

Founder & Chief Innovator

Deena Pierott
White House Champion of Change for Technology Inclusion
Founding Member – Black Women in STEM 2.0
Essence Magazine’s Top 50 Black Female Founders

I created iUrban Teen in October 2011 because I saw the need for equitable education systems for youth who have historically been excluded or discouraged to pursue STEM careers.

iUrban Teen is a nationally recognized program focused on bringing career-focused education to underrepresented teens ages 13 to 18. Youth receive hands-on exposure to a variety of careers and civic engagement that step them outside of their current boundaries. Our target demographics are African American, Latino, Indigenous and Pacific Islanders, however, the program is inclusive of all youth. We have an almost equal parity of girls that participate in our programs and also youth with special needs.  iUrban Teen programs are now in Washington, Oregon, California, and Texas.

OUR GOALS Creating the Spark:

  • Increase awareness and knowledge of STEM+C+A careers and training.
  • Build confidence and critical thinking skills
  • Provide mentoring and internship opportunities.
  • Create a collaborative learning model for youth to continue to use in various surroundings.
  • Create career pathways for historically excluded youth and young adults
  • Create economic equity in the communities we serve.