Former Seattle Seahawks star Bobby Wagner looks back fondly on the opportunity he got away from football to learn more about business, financial literacy and technology. And now he’s helping young people experience those same opportunities. In partnership with the Silicon Valley venture capital firm Next Play Capital, Wagner played […]

NFL star Bobby Wagner helps kids get the tech exposure ...

This delicious and easy Mushroom Galette is inspired by a recent agricultural tour with California Grown. We visited Far West Fungi and learned how mushrooms are grown: from preparing the wood base (where the mushrooms grow) to harvest. This galette is filled with meaty shiitake mushrooms, sweet shallots, and fresh […]

The Engineer Baker – Mushroom Galette

Today’s internet is dramatically different from the internet of ten years ago. Technology advances rapidly, and as a result, tech careers have to adapt alongside technology. The early internet’s web developers and content creators had a significantly different job than the pioneers of the internet today. And these roles will […]

What is Web3? The Future of the Internet Explained